Roma Imperiale Luxury Services

Everything we build is unique, since, as the ancient craftsmen we always try to create a masterpiece in which we pour all our passion. We build combining the experience of the past with the most advanced technologies, but the most important thing is that each of our building is constructed with infinite care and love.

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"Design is always a thing by considering it in its larger context, a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in the environment, the environment in the design of a city."
Elien Saarinen

No matter how many square meters available in the home to turn it into a comfortable and custom of their dreams.

Welcome inside this section that is devoted entirely to design engineers and especially our employees surveyors and architects who perform freelance.

A good project, to be considered as such, is never realized starting from the perimeter walls but by turning around the customer. Knowing his job, his lifestyle, his habits and needs.

Planning is everything, and first of all. A good design will achieve a comfortable house with rapportati spaces to customer needs, taking into account their cardinal location and exposure to the sun. Even the design is an act of love that is the line held by our group.

This is what we try to do with feeling and passion, every day:

  • • Industrial and commercial Residential Designs.
  • • 3D Design and implementation of rendering and movies.
  • • Urbanistici Plans.
  • • Implementation Plans.
  • • Renovation and restoration.
  • • Interior design for homes, offices and shops.
  • • Construction supervision.
  • • Feasibility consulting and evaluation of buildings and land.
  • • Estimates and appraisals of real estate and real estate complexes, both civil and industrial.
  • • Practices for issuing building permits until the Habitability / fitness for human habitation.
  • • Consulting and drafting of contracts and Tender Specifications.
  • • Technical assistance to companies with S.A.L..
  • • Actual and price revisions.
  • • Management consulting.
  • • Drafting of Safety Plans (P.S.C. and P.O.S.) pursuant to Law 494/96.

If you are planning to build your ideal home contact us for advice and free estimates. To exchange opinions, to evaluate our proposals and perhaps take together this new experience. You will find below some rendered images of a 3D project, both the outdoor and the indoor environments, including some furniture and lighting. Do not forget that the furniture study, although typically is not done or is not done immediately, is as important as the design study... Then we will explain why.

"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by instinct to the game that is driven by an inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves."
C.G. Jung

Go beyond. This we would like it to be the spirit of the reader, who has decided not to stop in front of what he already knows but is ready to discover and appreciate new aesthetic and functional dimensions. This is why those who choose us, choose to live according to the tastes and inclinations that will soon become a popular destination for everyone.